Libraries and Tools

All of the code at the Perseids Project is free and open source. We try to extract any useful code to share with community by making a library, web application, or API.

Editing Tools

The Perseids Project provides several stand-alone tools that can be used for working with ancient languages and editing texts.

Beta Code converter »

Greek-Latin demixer »

Polytonic Greek keyboard »

Greek verb conjugator »

Treebank word cloud explorer »

screenshot of Greek-Latin Demixer

Morphology Service

The Perseids Project provides a morphology API that performs morphological analysis on Greek and Latin text. The API uses a modified version of the Morpheus morphological analysis engine.

Learn more about the API »

See the Perseids version of Morpheus »

XML output of morphology API


Perseids hosts several mobile-friendly online lexica. All the data is saved locally. This means that after loading the page a single time, you can use the lexicon without an internet connection.

LSJ Greek-English Lexicon »

Woodhouse English-Greek Dictionary »

picture of a Greek-English dictionary

Other Repositories

The source for all of the code written for The Perseids Project is available on GitHub. Explore our repositories to learn more.

screenshot of code